Hackathon is in our DNA

We started HackLaunch in 2015, as a platform to run hackathons, meetups and events. Over the years, we expanded from Singapore to Asia where we met and spoke with thousands of hackers, entrepreneurs and marketers with over 20,000 members spanning these countries.

Now, we decide to take all our learnings and combined experiences to support our portfolio and commercial partners to build agile new ventures and result-driven hackathons and events.

Our Hackathon Methodology

Community Building

Engage with the developer community at large or specific groups to drive innovation or specific results for your business.

Ideation & Build

Stress test your idea or new initiatives. Hackathons are great outlet for ideas to flow and the build process to take shape

Growth Acceleration

Our process don’t just stop at the end of the hackathons. We continue to work with you on your continued growth post event.

Want us to run your next hackathon?