Driving Innovation to Create for Good

The Current State

Innovation has been a driving force behind human progress for centuries, enabling us to overcome challenges, improve our quality of life, and shape the future. While innovation often leads to economic growth and technological advancements, there is an urgent need to harness this creative power for the betterment of society and the planet. 


Companies and entrepreneurs are increasingly recognizing the importance of prioritizing values such as mental wellness, social cohesion, sustainability, and social equality in their business strategies. This shift signifies a departure from purely profit-driven motives towards a more holistic approach to capitalism, where innovation is used as a force for positive change. This approach has the potential to revolutionize the way we do business, aligning profit with purpose, and promoting a more holistic and sustainable approach to capitalism.

Driving Innovation

Our Mission to Create for Good

Create for Good Mission

HackLaunch envisions a future where creating for good is at the core of every business, driving positive environmental and social impact.

At HackLaunch, we believe in becoming enablers of positive change by bridging the gap between socially responsible business with the resources, expertise, and networks needed to make a meaningful impact.

Our hackathons and accelerator initiatives enable collaboration and support the creation of socially responsible new ventures. Our partners gain access to guidance, mentorship, resources, and access to networks to refine business models and develop sustainable strategies to create for good.


We believe in creating socially responsible business strategies and ventures to address pressing global challenges while fostering a more compassionate and sustainable world for future generations to come.


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