Chart a course for Innovation in the Maritime Industry

The Current State

The maritime industry is subject to immense potential for innovation, with technologies suitable for the industry and the need for sustainability and operational efficiency rapidly evolving and big players trying to catch up to them on an executional level. 


At HackLaunch, we are passionate about fostering innovation in the maritime sector and empowering entrepreneurs, engineers, and industry professionals to drive positive change.

The maritime industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, including shipping, logistics, port management, shipbuilding, and offshore operations. From digitalization and automation to sustainable practices and safety solutions, the potential for innovation in the maritime industry is vast.

Maritime Industry

Our Mission in Maritime Industry


HackLaunch believes empowering the maritime industry to embrace digitalization, optimize operations, and navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. 


Through our work with clients in the Maritime industry, we are able to leverage our network of innovators, industry experts, and strategic partners to support our partners to embrace technological advancements, drive efficiency, and enhance sustainability in the maritime domain.

Our hackathons initiatives enable collaboration and partnership of maritime solutions between startups and corporates. We support maritime corporates in the creation of Maritime investment fund to invest in tomorrow’s Marinetech companies.


Join HackLaunch as we chart a course towards a future where the maritime industry thrives through digitalization, sustainability, and collaboration.


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