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The Client

NUS Enterprise, the innovation partner of the Singapore Airlines (SIA) AppChallenge, a competition where startups are invited to develop solutions to address the World’s Best Airline’s business challenges. The challenge focused on identifying startups globally that can address problem statements raised by different business units within SIA. Winners of the AppChallenge will win genrous prizes and cash as well as seeing their solutions applied within SIA.

The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging for NUS Enterprise and SIA to outreach to global startups. As a result, the team needed help to widen their startup scouting efforts for startups that can address their business challenges.

Our Solution

HackLaunch’s startup scouting arm, HackScout, was activated for the Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2021 and 2022. HackScout unique scouting methodology, global startup network, ecosystem and reach helped NUS Enterprise and SIA to identify relevant startups ready to take part in their AppChallenge. The team actively engaged with the startups to help them identify specific business challenges relevant to their solutions and showed how their solutions could help SIA, even if they didn’t seem immediately applicable. HackScout also managed the optics and branding of the challenge between the startups and the client to ensure the most effective communication throughout the Challenge.

Final Results

The efforts of HackScout added over 217 registrations and more than 150 submissions to the AppChallenge from startups that were scouted. For the 2022 edition, 335 out of 838 participants were identified through HackScout’s scouting efforts. The startups that participated in the challenge presented innovative solutions that not only addressed SIA’s business challenges but were a strong fit for solution adoption post Challenge.

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“We worked with HackLaunch since 2021 for the SIA AppChallenge and they proed to be a valuable partner to us.”

Jerrick Tee

Enterprise Program Head, National University of Singapore (NUS)


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