Done-for-you accelerator to invest in startups

Accelerator as a Service

Our Accelerator as a Service helps launch your accelerator program from concept to execution, so you can invest in the companies and founders that you believe in.


A white-label online platform


A community of
entrepreneurs and investors


A team of experienced mentors


A variety of resources and tools

Back synergistic startups

Be known as an innvator

Work on it, not in it


Back synergistic startups

Invest in startups that has a synergy with your core business. Let HackLaunch identify the startups with solutions you want to support, back and get invest in. Unleash an unfair advantage for your business through your own accelerator created with HackLaunch.


Be known as an innovator

Have a signature blueprint for business growth? Build your brand reputation as an innovator by doing what you do best and share it with companies you want to see grow with you.


Work on it, not in it

Delegate all the stress of running the accelerator to us. Focus on your way of growth and what you want to share with the companies and founders. Focus on the vision and building an unmistakable portfolio. Leave the execution up to us.

Our engagement

The engagement duration for our hackathon-as-a-service solution varies depending on your specific needs. Most engagements average 6-12 months.




What does an ideal accelerator look like for you? We will work together to answer this question and figure out the non-negotiables of what your accelerator programs will include and what it will not.




Based on the findings of the discovery, we will work together to come up with a framework that is unique to your company. Your signature program that grows startups the way your company has grown, with values and strategies that align with your own. This will be a one-of-a-kind framework that no other accelerator program will have.



Marketing Support

Once the basics of your accelerator program is decided, we will work together to build your online presence to showcase your accelerator, along with helping you do everything you need to in order to get the word out to startups that are doing work that matters.



End-to-end Execution

Once startups and founders sign up to the program, we will organize all the necessary resources and factors to conduct amazing programs for them, leaving them investor-ready and for your consideration by the end of the program.


Who is it for?

HackLaunch’s Accelerator as a Service is for any corporates that wants to create its own accelerator program to accelerator their innovation and support synergistic startups that they want to support and invest in.


Benefits of working with HackLaunch to build your accelerator:

Accelerator startup

HackLaunch is different in a number of ways.

First, we have helped hundreds of startups succeed through our own accelerator program, and we have a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve results as a participating startup and as an accelerator.

Second, we offer a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of launching and growing an accelerator program. This includes everything from ideas and frameworks to marketing and execution.

Third, we have a team of experienced professionals who have the expertise and resources to help you run a successful accelerator, and we are committed to your success.


See how we empower business growth through innovation.

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You don’t have to tackle your biggest business challenges alone.

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